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Bass Lake, California
Devil's SlideThe Falls consists of quite a few waterfalls and whirlpools that are great for swimming and sunning yourself on the large smooth rocks.  Not very crowded but you might see about 30 people in the summer and maybe about half of them nude, depending on the crowd that day. There is Angel Falls about 10 minutes up the trail and then there is Devil's Slide about 30 minutes up the trail. Right below Angel Falls is best if you want to meet other skinnydippers. For over 30 years this has been an established reasonably secluded skinnydipping spot.

Directions: From Fresno take Highway 41 north. After you drive through Oakhurst it is about another two miles and you will turn right on Rd. 222, that is the Bass Lake turnoff. Go a few miles and always stay to the left. It will turn into the high road of Bass Lake which is Rd. 426. You will pass by the Mountain Government Center on your left. The Falls is about another 1/4 mile. If you go over a bridge over water, you have gone too far. You will be going into a little driveway on the left with a steel fence and dirt driveway to the parking lot. Park down there near the river.  Hike up the left side of the river on the trail. Look for pool just below Angel Falls, see photo, far right below.

BE CAREFUL, many people have been killed by slipping on the rocks and falling. Stay on the trail and watch your footing.

For more information on Bass Lake, visit Bass Lake CA Home Page

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